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Building Waterproof Materials
Type 1005 Building Waterproof Materials

I. Applications

The product applies to waterproofing of roof, external wall and indoor enclosure of sanitary bath.

The product is applicable to water prevention of wharf and port, reservoir dam and deck and cement concrete buildings.

II. Main Characteristics

Based on excellent permeability, the product can quickly enter the concrete (3mm) once sprayed on concrete layer, and completely block the internal voids and form a solid waterproof layer after cured into film, in order to prevent water penetration and waterproofing.

1.    Good resistance to heat: After cured into film at room temperature, the product has high decomposition temperature to avoid decomposition and color change when used at 100 for long period.

2.    Good resistance to cold: Based on excellent low-temperature flexibility of molecular structure of organic silicon, the product can have good resistance to cold, applies to the low temperature of 25 and can resist to the contrast effects from -20 to 20.

3.    Good hydrophobicity: The water resistance performance is the same with wax for its organic gene of molecular chain is arranged at the lateral group of silica.

4.    Resistance to ultraviolet ray: The product can reflect the sunlight, in order to reduce the erosion from ultraviolet ray to roof and maintain the color and luster of wall.

5.    Good resistance to chemical reagent: The product has good resistance to oil, chemicals, strong acid and weak base once cured.

6.    Strong adhesion: The product can have Grade 1 adhesion with the asphalt and cement concrete at room temperature.

7.    Easy construction and repairing.

8.    The product is colorless, non-toxic and non-pollution.

III. Construction Method

The product enjoys the best construction effects at the temperature of 030. Outdoor construction must be done in sunny days.

Construction precondition: The concrete surface must be clean, dry and smooth.

IV. Reference Dosage

The product should be sprayed or painted for100-200 g/m2 of depending on the actual conditions of basic surface.

V. Notice

Inspect the spraying quality after construction and skipped spraying (if any) should be supplemented.

Store the product in cool place and cover it.


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